Harry Bear

Angels come in many different forms, but in my world, angels have best come to me in small doggie form. This was really realized when this little Harry Bear Boy came into my life, our lives, Christmas a year ago. (At this time I knew that my little Dudley wouldn’t be with us too muchContinue reading “Harry Bear”

He’s in Heaven

After returning home from work on the evening of, Tuesday February 23, 2021, I finally came to the realization that Dudley had definitely suffered enough. I had to make that dreaded decision. Dudley has had enough. He was now on twice daily pain medication and for the past few days, he couldn’t even stand muchContinue reading “He’s in Heaven”

Little Man-Daddy Dog

My Little Man is Hanging in there thought it’s been tough and quite debilitating. He will stand every now and then but walking is out of the question. When he eats, about a third of his food falls from his mouth, so I have begun to spoon feed him. He will no longer eat hisContinue reading “Little Man-Daddy Dog”

Pre Letter to Dudley

You have been the most perfect little man. My Boy Dachshund. I can’t remember when you were ever a bad boy. I can’t remember you ever being a mischievous baby. You helped to raise your Sister, Doxie and the Chi pups. All to turn out very well behaved. You have been a Daddy Dog, AContinue reading “Pre Letter to Dudley”

New Year Blues

It’s been a bit of a tough start this year, 2021. I’ve been experiencing a lot of computer and program issues with all my social media and stores. Please bare with me and give me time to put it all back together. Don’t give up, I’ll get it all regenerated soon. Time frame expectancy is,Continue reading “New Year Blues”

Little Man

This is my “Little man”, Dudley, a little over 5 years ago, before he got hurt. He’s just a handsome little boy and he still gets compliments like that today, even in his old age, grey hair and his condition. Dudley has always been a well behaved, man of the house, daddy dog. I can’tContinue reading “Little Man”

Christmas Future

If you have been following my blog then you have realized that two weeks ago I wrote a bit on Christmas Past and last week I wrote on Christmas Present. Tonight I’ll touch on Christmas Future. (It just happened this way) Christmas of 2021, next Christmas, what will it bring here at our house. IfContinue reading “Christmas Future”

Christmas Present

Oh the memories. As we move into Christmas of 2020 and all personal events that have occured, good and not so good, not even to mention Covid and all the lives it’s changed this year. I am extremely thankful for everything these days. Pulling our heads up and though meek, I’m wanting to make thisContinue reading “Christmas Present”

Christmas Past

However, the dogs ride, getting out in the rain, one by one to pottie with mommy holding an umbrella over each, individually, they were awesomely behaved during a 12 hour long drive. I’m glad that is in the past. Although this may not be Dutt’s first Christmas, last year wasn’t too Christmasy for any ofContinue reading “Christmas Past”


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