Christmas Present

Oh the memories. As we move into Christmas of 2020 and all personal events that have occured, good and not so good, not even to mention Covid and all the lives it’s changed this year. I am extremely thankful for everything these days. Pulling our heads up and though meek, I’m wanting to make thisContinue reading “Christmas Present”

Christmas Past

However, the dogs ride, getting out in the rain, one by one to pottie with mommy holding an umbrella over each, individually, they were awesomely behaved during a 12 hour long drive. I’m glad that is in the past. Although this may not be Dutt’s first Christmas, last year wasn’t too Christmasy for any ofContinue reading “Christmas Past”

After Play

All Dachshund Lover Owners Know just what I’m talking about here. Kisses, Lovings, Huggins, Play Time….Sack Time. That’s all there is to this short story tonight! Please visit our Store Sites, Dogs Talk 2 and Dogs Talk Too. Find Dogs Talk Too on Facebook and Friend and Follow. I’d love to have you join us!Continue reading “After Play”

No Playing for Dudley

(now he uses his mind, heart and soul) If you have followed my blog for the past 6-7 months, most of you already know Dudley’s Story. What happened to him May 2015, his age and deteriorating condition. This year he’s gone down hill quite a lot. But this isn’t what tonight’s story is about. TonightsContinue reading “No Playing for Dudley”

Dancing with Your Dachie

So lets confess, when the mood sticks and there’s no one else around to dance with, grab your dachie dog in your arms and dance away. After all, isn’t it your doggie you hold and cuddle with or you cry onto their shoulder when things aren’t going right and no one else seems to careContinue reading “Dancing with Your Dachie”

A Little Christmas

Click on the blog to see the Tonights Main Blog Header Cute Picture! I believe that all Baby Dogs deserve a Little Christmas. This was part of one of my, little Christmas gifts to myself in 2007. Unfortunately, it’s the last of the Professional Studio Pictures that I’ve gotten of my baby dogs. Also, DaisieContinue reading “A Little Christmas”

Chasing Fish

Well, this story is serious and kind of funny at the same time. Never the less, it does involve one of my previous dachshund dogs, Daisie. (I usually uniquely spell my dogs name differently. This is not a mis type or mis spelling). Daisie was my very best friend, ever! She knew what I wasContinue reading “Chasing Fish”

Dogs Talk Too!

I’m so delighted to announce the Grand Opening of my Apparel & Accessories Online “Dogs Talk Too” Stores. The Dogs Talk Too Store Itself is Live Pictures of Dachie and Chihua Stores. The other related stores, Doggie Talk TLC is Dog Related and TLC Life Talk is Misc Subject matter. (Incase you’re wondering, the TLCContinue reading “Dogs Talk Too!”