Pre Letter to Dudley

You have been the most perfect little man. My Boy Dachshund. I can’t remember when you were ever a bad boy. I can’t remember you ever being a mischievous baby.

You helped to raise your Sister, Doxie and the Chi pups. All to turn out very well behaved.

You have been a Daddy Dog, A Little Man, The Man of the House and just plain Sir Dudley Race Murphy Brown…Sr Drmb. (as the acronym-sound like Dream). You have been a dream.

The day I saw you in the window with your two little matching sisters and you were placed in my arms, I immediately named you and there was no way that you were not going home with me, right then and there.

You are a handsome little man and I know when you do go to heaven you will find Daisie May, who raised you and she will introduce you to your two aunties, Destin and Dixie, and you will even find your Sister (who was only in your life briefly before she died), Dafney.

I know you will be happy with those babies and I’ll be with you, as well, when my time comes.

Thank you God for giving me these years with little Dudley. He has been the best. I’ll miss his little hugs where he presses his head against my face, the same hugs he used to give me to wake me up each morning.

I hope I don’t have to make the decision myself and that you will honestly tell me, Dudley, when you are ready and have given up, or that it will come when I reach over in bed one morning, as I do all through the night now to check your heart beat, but instead, I won’t find one. I believe at this touch, I will know even before I reach and that’s what will wake me at this time. The time you have decided to go to God. My heart will always be with you my dearest boy.

For NOW we are doing our best and taking it day by day. I thank you, Dudley for being the best little boy and I thank God for giving you to me and giving us this time we have had together, my dearest baby.

Published by Jada Brown

I would say the first thing on my list of what gets me excited are my baby dogs and the love we share. The second thing is Natural Health & Wellness (we'll get into that later). So combine those two things and you see that I'm also aware of products that I allow my babies to have or not, and how often. I'm a mature, christian, single, business lady. I love helping folks and love helping their dogs too, for sure. I'm all about hugs and that's not just from humans. I hug my baby dogs every morning and every evening. Kisses too for them. Doggies are God's little angels, sent to us as a gift and a constant reminder that the way a dog loves us is exactly how he loves us. Our flaws and all. I have always loved my dogs(the most, so I thought), but as I age, I love them more and more and make a point to show them that I do and always will. My whole heart and soul go into my babies. Nothing like the love of a Dachshund (and a Chihuahua raised with Dachshunds). Smile and make it a tail-wagging day.

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