Wish I had a dogs life

So many times I wish I had a dogs life, however, I would need a guarantee of a GOOD LIFE, certainly not an abused one. I wouldn’t have to go to work. I could lye around the house all day on a cushy bed or chair. I could chew on bones and when the opportunity arose I’d beg for people food.

Wow!!!! What a life that would be. No worries, No stress.

Unless, you are a doggie that takes on it’s owners world! Several dogs I’ve had seem to mimic my stress or my physical feelings. Are you that close to your baby dog? or them that close to you? Is it love…or does it just rub off? I wonder.

Who turns grey 1st, you or your dog?

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Published by Jada Brown

I would say the first thing on my list of what gets me excited are my baby dogs and the love we share. The second thing is Natural Health & Wellness (we'll get into that later). So combine those two things and you see that I'm also aware of products that I allow my babies to have or not, and how often. I'm a mature, christian, single, business lady. I love helping folks and love helping their dogs too, for sure. I'm all about hugs and that's not just from humans. I hug my baby dogs every morning and every evening. Kisses too for them. Doggies are God's little angels, sent to us as a gift and a constant reminder that the way a dog loves us is exactly how he loves us. Our flaws and all. I have always loved my dogs(the most, so I thought), but as I age, I love them more and more and make a point to show them that I do and always will. My whole heart and soul go into my babies. Nothing like the love of a Dachshund (and a Chihuahua raised with Dachshunds). Smile and make it a tail-wagging day.

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