What’s This?

Just a little something.

Train them to ask first. Not to just take. That’s part of what I love about the little doggies. They seem to mind a lot quicker. She wouldn’t dare grab that piece of candy on the table. And she wouldn’t dare jump out of that high bar stool without my say so.

Of course I can only say this when there is no other human being in the house. I’m not sure what she’d do if someone came to the door. So, I don’t do this often and not without my immediate, quick to respond supervision. Little babies do break too easily.

Having them sit at the table….Hmm, I wonder if this is why they think they are bigger and badder or think they are human. Well it’s just all part of mommy love.


My Favorite Healthy Water/for Dogs to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S24uRpysiJE

Milo’s treats: https://amzn.to/2WMufPO

Published by Jada Brown

I would say the first thing on my list of what gets me excited are my baby dogs and the love we share. The second thing is Natural Health & Wellness (we'll get into that later). So combine those two things and you see that I'm also aware of products that I allow my babies to have or not, and how often. I'm a mature, christian, single, business lady. I love helping folks and love helping their dogs too, for sure. I'm all about hugs and that's not just from humans. I hug my baby dogs every morning and every evening. Kisses too for them. Doggies are God's little angels, sent to us as a gift and a constant reminder that the way a dog loves us is exactly how he loves us. Our flaws and all. I have always loved my dogs(the most, so I thought), but as I age, I love them more and more and make a point to show them that I do and always will. My whole heart and soul go into my babies. Nothing like the love of a Dachshund (and a Chihuahua raised with Dachshunds). Smile and make it a tail-wagging day.

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