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Missing Him!

Yes, you guessed it. It’s hot weather and pool time. Time for babies to play outside and run after balls thrown and chill in the baby, kiddie pool. But this year Dudley isn’t with us. He’s missed, immensely! In everything I do and all the Summer I see. Dutton to the right of picture 1.5Continue reading “Missing Him!”

A Special Sunny Day

Well we blew up the small inflatable pool today. Dutton by my side every minute. But the darn thing has a small leak. I pulled out his boat floatie and after his first dip into the cold water, he was happy as a lark. The other baby dogs Love sunbathing, especially after a cool dipContinue reading “A Special Sunny Day”

Summer Time Sunning

One summer I bought all my dogs doggles (goggles) when I really meant to buy them sun glasses. Doggles (goggles) are made for under water, and I just wanted to keep the sun out of their eyes when they were lounging by the doggie pool. The old saying is that the owners of dogs lookContinue reading “Summer Time Sunning”

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