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Little Man-Daddy Dog

My Little Man is Hanging in there thought it’s been tough and quite debilitating. He will stand every now and then but walking is out of the question. When he eats, about a third of his food falls from his mouth, so I have begun to spoon feed him. He will no longer eat hisContinue reading “Little Man-Daddy Dog”

This Little Boy-Update

He’s been my perfect little boy for years and though he can not walk now and can barely stand, sometimes, he is handing in there for his mommy. His mind and most all other functions are still mostly intact but I know my Little Man is fading quite quickly. We have had the talk andContinue reading “This Little Boy-Update”

Pre Letter to Dudley

You have been the most perfect little man. My Boy Dachshund. I can’t remember when you were ever a bad boy. I can’t remember you ever being a mischievous baby. You helped to raise your Sister, Doxie and the Chi pups. All to turn out very well behaved. You have been a Daddy Dog, AContinue reading “Pre Letter to Dudley”

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