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I don’t know about you but this really says A LOT!!! Women! are you on board? Of Course we are. We definately know what we are talking about. Please comment. Give me a SHOUT out on this one, will Ya? And let’s make it fun too. Give the best you can give and care theContinue reading “ARE You PICKEY!”

Today’s “ALWAYS” Tips

Always be thankful and grateful for your baby dogs Always appreciate and love them. Always tell them you love them. Always teach them to love one another. Always show them you love them. And in my household, Mine ALWAYS come FIRST. Always give them the best, cleanest, – anti-oxident Water you can (and to yourself)…thisContinue reading “Today’s “ALWAYS” Tips”

Mr. Dudley-x39

Mr. or rather Sir Dudley Race Murphy-Brown, such a long name for such a little fella. He’s been the man of the house for 14.5 years and he’s had tremendous challenges along the way. He has raised 3 baby dogs and helped to train them, very well. We call him Daddy dog. Four years ago,Continue reading “Mr. Dudley-x39”

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