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Summer Time Sunning

One summer I bought all my dogs doggles (goggles) when I really meant to buy them sun glasses. Doggles (goggles) are made for under water, and I just wanted to keep the sun out of their eyes when they were lounging by the doggie pool. The old saying is that the owners of dogs lookContinue reading “Summer Time Sunning”

little Picky Thing Tonight

At the risk of using someone else’s saying. Isn’t this to true. Have you ever watched your Chihuahua’s “Go”? Mine don’t just squat, they squat and lift one back leg, doing the balancing act. It is quite funny! However I am and will always be “Extremely” Picky about who my dogs are around, what myContinue reading “little Picky Thing Tonight”

Swimmy Doggie

As Summer Time in Georgia approaches, Ceeley is getting ready for her baby blow up pool to be put up very soon. But she really doesn’t need a life jacket. Chihuahuas can swim quite well, even if scared of the water at first, like Cydney was in the beginning, several summers ago. Not so muchContinue reading “Swimmy Doggie”

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