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2 Tails

Real Quick: I thought I’d share what Dudley looked like a few weeks before he was gone. See how his hind legs are spread apart? Imagine that on the floor trying to walk. See how his front legs, his arms are bent in a curved position. Tough to stand up on. Now, notice how stiffContinue reading “2 Tails”

Easter Love

Easter Love! On the day to recognize our love for Jesus Chirst, more than any day of the year, of his passing and his resurrection. Please be thankful for all those you love and those who love you. Keep us all safe and aware, thankful and grateful, for all we have, all we do, andContinue reading “Easter Love”

Spring Forward

Ceeley is loving the sunshine and warmth outside this weekend. She excited it’s the warm season. Garden is planted and next step is the blow up kiddie pool. Chihuahua’s can swim!!! They may act like they don’t like it, but don’t let that fool you, All the baby dogs Love the pool, to cool offContinue reading “Spring Forward”

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