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Chasing Fish

Well, this story is serious and kind of funny at the same time. Never the less, it does involve one of my previous dachshund dogs, Daisie. (I usually uniquely spell my dogs name differently. This is not a mis type or mis spelling). Daisie was my very best friend, ever! She knew what I wasContinue reading “Chasing Fish”

Dogs Talk Too!

I’m so delighted to announce the Grand Opening of my Apparel & Accessories Online “Dogs Talk Too” Stores. The Dogs Talk Too Store Itself is Live Pictures of Dachie and Chihua Stores. The other related stores, Doggie Talk TLC is Dog Related and TLC Life Talk is Misc Subject matter. (Incase you’re wondering, the TLCContinue reading “Dogs Talk Too!”

Never Thought

I never thought of having a Chihuahua Puppy. A few years ago I saw the cutest little white chihuahua puppy with Really Big Ears. I couldn’t resist her and came home with her that day. It’s a sad story. You know when your lawn is getting mowed that it really disturbs the dogs? This isContinue reading “Never Thought”

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